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The mission of Elecnor Deimos is to provide high-technology engineering solutions, as well as information systems, products and services of maximum quality, innovation and added-value to its customers.

The company was founded in 2001 aiming to develop and provide high-tech systems and engineering solutions. Elecnor Deimos is the technology branch of Elecnor, one of the Spanish leading companies in engineering, infrastructure development and construction projects and a prominent investor in renewable energy, energy and environmental infrastructure and space.

All this provides Elecnor Deimos with the capacity for continued growth as well as a solid financial foundation. The knowledge and experience accumulated throughout the years allows the current aerospace market needs to be tackled with the company’s new business approach.

Excellence, commitment and innovation are the key principles inspiring Elecnor Deimos. The company is committed towards fulfilling customer needs and expectations.

Quality & Environment

All products and services that Elecnor Deimos delivers to its customers are subject to its Corporate Management System (CMS), comprising the integrated management of all the issues regarding Quality, Environment, Research, Development and Innovation, and Information Security. As part of the Elecnor Deimos Quality Policy, one of the main organizational objectives of Elecnor Deimos is to achieve continual improvement of processes, products, services, as well as the continued and sustainable growth of the company. The CMS includes the commitment with the  environment, reducing the environmental impact by a rational use of natural resources and the minimization of the generated waste, as stated in its Environmental Policy.

Certificaciones y Asociaciones

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

Maturity Level 2
Capability Level 3


Member of the Spanish Association for Quality

Quality Policy

Elecnor Deimos’s Quality Policy consists on the constant seeking of excellence of all the products and services, and the continual improvement of the internal performance by enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the business processes, with the final objective of maximizing customer satisfaction and company profitability.

  • Seeking for excellence in the daily work by all Elecnor Deimos staff in all performed activities and products.
  • Maintaining and following a Quality Management System (QMS) according to the requirements of the quality standards ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110.
  • Improving continuously the efficiency and effectiveness of the QMS, optimizing it on a regular basis by the implementation of the identified improvements internally, as well as through suggestions and improvement proposals made by all the stakeholders involved in the operation of the QMS.
  • Setting challenging annual quality objectives, which imply a challenge and a continual improvement for the operation and efficiency of the QMS. The progress towards the compliance of quality objectives is assessed throughout the year at established milestones.
  • Regularly reviewing business processes data and indicators, generated in the operation of the QMS, in order to ensure that the QMS is operated with the maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Ensuring that the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers, including statutory and regulatory requirements, are appropriately known, understood, managed and fulfilled.
  • Ensuring that all the needed processes, resources and infrastructure are readily available to meet our customers’ requirements, needs and expectations.
  • Ensuring that the degree of satisfaction of our customers and staff is properly measured, analyzed and taken into account for the continual improvement.
  • Transferring the Elecnor Deimos corporate culture and its know-how through the dissemination and implementation of the QMS to the Elecnor Deimos Group subsidiaries.

Additionally, Deimos has selected CMMI (Capability and Maturity Model Integration) as the reference model to assess and continuously improve the quality and performance of their processes and activities and, consequently, all software development projects and engineering studies projects performed at Elecnor Deimos Group will apply the best practices of the model.

Environmental policy

Elecnor Deimos’s Environmental Policy consists on minimizing the environmental impact of its activities through a rational and efficient use of resources and the minimization and proper management of the waste generated, ensuring compliance with the environmental law and applicable guidelines for pollution prevention and continuous improvement of environmental performance.

  • Maintaining and following an Environmental Management System (EMS) according to the requirements of the international environmental standard ISO 14001.
  • Improving continuously the efficiency and effectiveness of the EMS, optimizing it on a regular basis by the implementation of the identified improvements internally, as well as through suggestions and improvement proposals made by all the stakeholders involved in the implementation and operation of the EMS.
  • Defining and implementing annual environmental management programmes, including objectives and targets, to be periodically reviewed ensuring the continuous improvement of environmental performance.
  • Identifying and assessing environmental impact resulting from Elecnor Deimos’s facilities, activities, products and services delivered to customers in order to reduce and prevent as much as possible every negative impact, especially regarding utilities/consumables consumption and waste generation.
  • Ensuring compliance with the applicable environmental legislation and regulations and with other environmental requirements that Elecnor Deimos may adopt, provided that the latter entail an associated environmental benefit for the organisation or the society at large.
  • Promoting awareness of protection of our surrounding environment and the rational use of resources among Elecnor Deimos employees.
  • If needed, communicating the environmental aspects arising from Elecnor Deimos activities, products and services to Elecnor Deimos stakeholders (individuals and legal entities): shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, partners and the society at large.