Development of turn-key operational systems in the fields of Radio Navigation Aids, Surveillance and Communications

Elecnor Deimos develops turn-key operational systems in the areas of Radio Navigation Aids, Surveillance and Communications. These systems are used for different applications for both civil and military markets. Elecnor Deimos is responsible for all the phases of the project, including engineering, design, integration, testing, deployment, maintenance and operational support.

Elecnor Deimos is currently the exclusive distributor in Spain of the ground-based radio navigation and landing aids (e.g. ILS, VOR and DME) offered by the manufacturer SELEX Systems Integration. This allows Elecnor Deimos to offer turn-key systems for Air Navigation Aids, based on SELEX equipment.

AENA and the Spanish Air Force are our main customers in these types of activities. Furthermore, our interest extends to future Air Navigation Systems, especially based on the use of space infrastructure, such as Satellite Navigation (e.g. GBAS, SBAS and Galileo) and satellite communication systems. Elecnor Deimos is involved in these activities through its participation in ESA and EU projects.

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