In-depth capabilities across
the entire satellite systems
value chain

Space Science & Exploration

Understanding our
solar system

Flight Systems

Capabilities to support the following activities of a space mission […]

Mission Analysis And Design

Turn-key software products and support to space mission design […]

Systems Engineering

Integrated systems for a wide range of space mission scenarios […]

Ground Segment systems

Systems that enable our customers to send up commands to the spacecraft and receive data from on-board instruments […]


Global Navigation
Satellite Systems
technologies and

Ground Segment Systems

Participation in all major European GNSS programmes […]


Research and development of new concepts of GNSS receivers […]


From spacecraft navigation to remote sensing […]

Earth observation

solutions for
Earth Observation

Satellite systems

Turn-key EO systems based on different platforms […]

Flight systems

Definition, engineering, and support of EO missions […]

Real-time systems

On-board software systems and Independent Software Validation and Verification […]

Ground Segment Systems

A complete suite of GS products for EO missions […]

Direct Receiving Stations

Dedicated, private and fast access to Deimos-1 and Deimos-2 data […]


From precision agriculture to urban planning […]

Space situational awareness

Watching for objects and natural fenomena
that could potentially harm our
terrestrial and space infrastructure

Space-based systems provide services that are indispensable to our lives, and space debris is now one of the main threats to orbital satellite systems. Our Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) centre, Deimos Sky Survey (DeSS), scans the sky for Near Earth Objects, satellites and space debris. The observation and tracking of these bodies can be used to minimize the hazards Near Earth Objects may pose, warn satellite operators of potential collisions and provide assistance to maximize the efficiency of their operations. […]


Deimos launcher technologies focus on GNC and AOCS subsystems for autonomous navigation and precision landing. Our technologies were flight proven with the successful ESA’s IXV flight in 2015. Deimos’ GNC technology flew the IXV from orbital conditions at 120km alititude down to a precise splashdown in the Pacifc, successfully demonstrating its capacity to autonomously guide (trajectory generation and tracking) and pilot (control) reentry vehicles for precision landing. […]

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