Versatile Multipurpose Class 1 UAV Platform

D80 TITAN is a versatile multipurpose fixed-wing Class 1 UAV platform fully designed by Elecnor Deimos. It is currently under manufacturing at the company’s recently established UAV production facility in Puertollano, Spain, around 200 km in the south of Madrid.

With a Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) of 80 kg and an integral carbon fiber structure, D80 TITAN covers the present gap in UAV platforms of 25 to 150 kg. The platform has a wing span of 4 meters and a cruise speed of 75 km/h, and it has been specifically designed to accommodate different types of cameras and sensors, up to a total weight of 30 kg. Additionally, D80’s flexible fuel tank configuration allows customers to select different fuel tank sizes according to their specific needs, enabling missions of up to 10 hours of flight time.

These features provide D80 TITAN with a wide range of applications, including surveillance missions, infrastructure monitoring, emergency response support under different conditions, precision agriculture and spill control, among others.

D80 TITAN has been designed to accommodate different types of cameras and sensors up to a total weight of 30 kg


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