ESA’s Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission is dedicated to making global observations of soil moisture over land and salinity over oceans

Elecnor Deimos has been linked to the project since 2003, when the company led the definition of the processing algorithms. It started by implementing a prototype and end-to-end simulator, and then consolidating the level 1 operational processing data chain and the near-real-time nominal operations.

The company also administrated the MIRAS instrument monitoring tool and the ground segment, participating in the validation of the level 1 processing algorithms and the instrument commissioning phase. During this phase, which took part at ESA facilities in Spain (ESAC) during the 6 months following the launch in November 2009, algorithms and configurations were adjusted in order to improve the performance of the data received.

SMOS’ success represents a new example of Elecnor Deimos’ key role in the development of ground segment systems for ESA Earth observation missions, providing powerful and exclusive monitoring and image processing tools as powerful such as gs4EO.

Elecnor Deimos has been linked to the project since 2003, defining the processing algorithms,  managing the ground segment and the instrument monitoring tool

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