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The User Services for Earth Observation (user4EO) module, part of the gs4EO suite, provides the mechanisms for users to perform imaging requests to Earth observation missions

user4EO is a multi-mission web-based service that, offering an advanced front-end, allows to:

  • Assess the feasibility of new image acquisitions of a given Area of Interest (AoI)
  • Send target-based image orders to one of the configured EO missions based on the feasibility analysis performed
  • Request the coverage of a given extended AoI using individual target acquisition requests (Coverage Image Orders)
  • Provide feedback on the request status throughout all different stages, from planned to acquired, processed and delivered, allowing the user to act on the request (update, cancel, etc)
  • Monitor and control the execution process of Coverage Image Orders whose objective is to achieve the coverage of a given area
  • Optionally, access to a local archive of image products, including the downlinked and processed image requests

Multi-mission web-based service for EO imaging requests, offering an advanced front-end for feasibility analysis and request follow-up, up to processing and archival


Feasibility Analysis


Coverage Order Tracking

image acquisition

Image Acquisition Order Tracking

image acquisition

Access to Local Archive Image Products

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