Services, systems and products
for the transportation sector

Public Information Systems

Development, integration and deployment of public information systems. Our systems keep passengers permanently informed on their trip and available services through public address systems, passenger information display systems (monitors and indicators) or alternative communication channels like mobile or web.

Intercom Systems

Development, integration, and deployment of IP intercom systems. Our systems enable the direct communication between passengers and information or emergency centres.

Remote Control Systems

Development, integration and deployment of remote control systems for the management of railway stations. Our systems maximise the efficiency of the service, optimising costs while improving the experience of the passenger.

Train Tracking & Monitoring

Development and deployment of train tracking and monitoring systems that process planning (timetable, rolling stock, infrastructure), train dispatching and signalling information. Our systems monitor train status in real time, allowing the collection of forecasted train arrival and departure times and transit platforms for the entire train route.

Telematics & Fleet Management

Location-based service for advanced transport fleet management that provides real-time information about vehicle movement, sensors, driver activity and fuel consumption. Manual and automatic reports are generated, together with route planning alerts and notifications, ensuring the most effective and efficient management of vehicles.

Load & Cargo Container
Tracking & Management

Kyros® provides location-based services for load, cargo and asset tracking and traceability for on-road and maritime transport. Containers are tracked and identified using sensors data from multi-channel communication terminals that report real-time position and status to the platform. Kyros® receives, processes and stores this information to support controllers in the decision-making process.

Vehicle Tracking & Security

Kyros® tracking and security solution integrates intensive tracking and events monitoring with customized alarm parameters to monitor remote situation suitable for Safety & Security Services on Mobile environments. Kyros® on-board device detects driver or vehicle alerts and, immediately, Kyros® platform triggers an alarm that activates the required procedures to ensure emergency assistance and lost assets or vehicles tracking recovery.

Asset Traceability & Security

The Kyros® platform provides real-time assets tracking, traceability, location and “status” monitoring, on-road time control, POIS registration, geo-fencing alarms or movement alert for management and security services. The solutions provided are based on different positioning and communication technologies, tracking terminals and sensors, which are adaptable to different asset features and requirements.

Transport Projects


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